Biography of Susan B Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony (Your name) (college) Susan B. Anthony On February 15, 1820, Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams Massachusetts to Lucy and Daniel Anthony. Susan out of eight children was raised in a strict Quaker family. Her father, Daniel Anthony, was a very rigid man, a Quaker cotton manufacturer and abolitionist. He believed in making sure children were guided right, not targeting them. Her father did not let his kids experience the childish enjoyments of toys, games, and music, because all of those above were seen as distractions from the Inner Light. Instead her father imposed self-discipline. At the age of three, Susan learned to read and write. In 1826, the Anthony's made a move from Massachusetts to Battensville, New York (McAllister, E. A.,2011). At his new place, Susan attended a district school, when the teacher had made a refusal to teach Susan long division, she was then pulled out of school and lectured in home school that her father set up. A woman teacher, Mary Perkins, ran the school. Perkins proposed a new look of maturity to Susan and her sisters. She was educated, independent and was holding on to a position that had been traditionally set aside to young men. In Philadelphia, Susan was sent there to attend a boarding school. She had decided to teach at a female academy boarding school that was in upstate New York from the age of 15 to around thirty years of age. When she got comfortable in her Rochester home in New York, it was here that she
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