Biography of Sylvester Stewart

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Sly Stone’s original birth name was Sylvester Stewart which later he selected to change his name for the stage as Sly Stone after becoming a producer for Autumn Records. Known for creating some of the best funk music of his time, Stone also collaborated with other styles of music such as soul, rock, gospel, and psychedelia. He influenced Motown and Stax as well which were the two most popular record companies producing blues, jazz, and soul music. Stone’s voice was raspy, yet when he sang, he sang with upbeat and good vibe lyrics. Stone had a new style of music being created with his band, a style in which held attitude and a point of view on what they believed in. Sly and the Family Stone was an integrated band of blacks, whites, women, and men. The freedom that everyone heard within the lyrics of Stone and the band, painted a picture of how the band wanted the world to be. The band, especially Stone, held a vision of a utopia for the world they lived in. Stone mastered many instruments at a young age, but Stone was heard on the records mainly through this vocals being the head singer and songwriter. However, often you could catch Stone playing the keyboards or the guitar as well. Throughout Stone and his band’s career, through the years depending on what was going on in the world and personally in the band, the music and lyrics did change. You could find yourself listening to an upbeat, message sending songs…
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