Biography of Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston is considered as one of the greatest singers of our generation. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, she holds the record of being the most rewarded female artist of all time. I chose her as my topic, because she represents resiliency and tenacity, despite her troubled experiences with drugs and her personal life. Whitney Houston comes from a family with an amazing, musical pedigree; her mother, Cissy Houston, was a successful back-up singer for Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley. Dionne Warwick is her first cousin and Aretha Franklin is her godmother. In 1983, Houston was signed to Arista Records and music executive, Clive Davis, became her mentor and helped launch her successful career. Whitney Houston was…show more content…
If an individual wants to be in the entertainment industry, one must know who they are and to develop a tough exterior, in order to overcome adversity and negativity. It is evident that Whitney was a people-pleaser and if she did not please everybody, then it would take a toll on her and as a result, provided her with a lot of distress and pain. For this reason, possibly drew her into a realm of drugs and chaos. Psychosocial development was created by Erik Erikson, in which, mentions that personality is developed in a series of stages, throughout an individual’s lifespan. In particular, the Identity versus Role Confusion was a very profound stage to discuss, in regards to Whitney Houston’s life. Even though, she sold millions of records and won many awards, Whitney still felt empty in her personal life. In turn, she turned to drugs, as a means of support and to ease the pain of her emptiness. She mentioned in an interview with Oprah: “I spent my life making records and touring the world in my 20’s and 30’s…I totally forgot about singing, I was focused on finding my young womanhood.” (Winfrey, interview, 2009). In the beginning of her career, Whitney was too busy promoting herself and getting her out there to music executives, in order to start her career. Clive chose all of the songs for her to sing and her mother picked the clothes that she would wear on stage. This poses a problem, because Whitney did not have the
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