Biography of William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare: Real or Fake?

Who is the real Shakespeare? There are those who insist that William Shakespeare is the author of the many works attributed to him and reports state that there are those who believe some type of conspiracy exists to protect the real name of the author of those works. Claims state that there is no evidence to document William Shakespeare of Stratford as the author and that he did not have the aristocratic background, education, or knowledge to have written such content as is found in the works of Shakespeare. It is reported that the evidence that does exist to document his life are inclusive of such as "mundane personal details such as vital records of his baptism, marriage and death, tax records, lawsuits to recover debts and real estate transactions." (Nicoll, 2010)
There are no documents that show he was the recipient of an education and there are further no letters, literary manuscripts, or other documents to support him having written those works. Prominent individuals who have been swayed by those who do not believe Shakespeare as the author of the poetry and plays attributed to him include such as Helen Keller, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Henry James, Orson Welles, and Charlie Chapman. The endorsements of these individuals are stated to be a primary "element in many anti-Stratfordian arguments." (Nicoll, 2010, p.3)

II. Findings
In the work entitled "Shakespeare er ilaiano" (2002) Martino Iuvara, a retired
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