Biography of Wislawa Szymborska

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This means that for the majority of Szymborska’s twenties World War II was not only happening, but she was in the center of the war while living in Poland. Many of Germany’s concentration camps were located in Poland. Spending much of her young life in a war torn country definitely affected Wislawa Szymborska, which can be seen in many of her poems. One poem of Wislawa Szymborska’s that shows this influence from her life is Hitler’s First Photograph. Unlike some of her other poems relating to the war, this poem focuses on what the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler, who is known for trying to exterminate the Jewish people, was like when he was a baby. Szymborska uses unanswered questions, diction, and very descriptive imagery in Hitler’s First Photograph to show that everyone, even Adolph Hitler, is innocent when they are born. Szymborska uses positive diction to help create the theme that all people are born innocent in Hitler’s First Photograph. Many of the words that Szymborska uses seem to be very childish and fragile. This helps the reader feel that Hitler was very innocent when he was a baby. Hitler is described as “itty-bitty” (1), “teensy” (5), “tootsy-wootsies” (8), and “tiny” (2). All of these words have connotations of being small and fragile, which make baby Hitler seem helpless and innocent. Szymborska also uses words with positive connotations to make baby…

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