Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Rachel Lloyd

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Biography of an Outstanding Woman: Rachel Lloyd Rachel Lloyd born in 1975 in a small town called Stalbridge in Dorset England where she was raised by her mother who abused alcohol and her stepfather who was physically abusive. Growing up in this house hold became a very hard and trying experience for Rachel without the proper guidance from her family. During her teenage years, Rachel became a victim of commercial sexual exploitation. This became one of the most significant moments which would lead to the moment that changed her life. With facing intimate family issues along with the many other brutal challenges that came about, Rachel Lloyd managed to successfully regain her strength and fight for a way out. Rachel has become a CEO of an organization called GEM: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, an author of a memoir entitled Girls like us: fighting for a world where girls are not for sale and is best known for her work advocating to end sex slavery specifically focusing on commercial sexual exploitation of young women and children. Developmental Background History Rachel grew up in a house hold where she had to grow up really quick. In her early teenage years she witnesses her mom struggle through abusive relationships with her step dad and other boyfriends that came after. She eventually became an alcoholic. By the time Rachel was 13 year old, she dropped out of school to take the role of the emotional and financial care taker of her mother. Living in her
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