Biography on Jacqueline Kennedy

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Jacqueline Bouvier, known commonly as Jackie, was a young, gorgeous woman who had the world in her hands. Coming from a wealthy family, she had many opportunities in her life. She took advantage of the many opportunities, traveling the world and attending college to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a photographer. Jackie perused her career dream with a job as the “Inquiring Camera Girl” for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper, in 1951 (Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy). Her job included interviewing and capturing photographs of well-known people, including many political figures. During her time with the Washington Times-Herald, she met a man that changed her life forever. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as Jack or JFK, was a congressman and soon to be senator from Massachusetts. Jackie and Jack hit it off from the start, and became married in the fall of 1953 (Life of Jacqueline B. Kennedy). Now known as Jackie Kennedy, her life began to change as she and her husband were in the middle of the political world. Their life together started off a fairytale, but ended as a nightmare when the couple faced many hardships. In the end, Jackie was alone and was left to face the world without the love of her life. During her time in and out of the spotlight, Jacqueline Kennedy proves to be the most inspirational woman due to her strong courage during hard times, her life full of tragedy, her strength and toughness through unwanted fame, and mainly for her sense of family and
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