Biography on Juan Ponce de Leon

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Although Juan Ponce De Leon’s date of birth isn’t certain he was most likely born in 1474, he was born into a noble Spanish family and he was the son of a military hero. Juan Ponce De Leon was born in Santervas De Campos in Castilla which is now known as Spain. In his youth he spent his time working as a Page for a Spanish Knight. As a Page he cleaned his Knights clothing, cared for his weapons and tended to his horses. In return he was taught a code of honor and learned the way in which he could be expected to behave as a knight. As an adult he moved to Cadiz and became a Squire, he was taught to hunt and handle weapons such as swords and Spanish guns that looked like rifles. Because of this he was recruited to fight against the Moors in Granada from 1487 to 1492. Nevertheless he was considered of a person without importance when he took his first expedition in 1493 on Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to the new world. This voyage started in the harbor of Cadiz and led to the Canary Islands, which is where the last touch of land was had before amassing the large body of water that is the Atlantic which eventually led to Espanola. This particular voyage took roughly twenty two days to cross the Atlantic. Aurelio Tio, a historian of the time from Puerto Rico describes Juan Ponce De Leon before he began his journey, “He [Juan Ponce] was a squire without a source of wealth, a veteran of the Conquest of Granada, in search of fame, honor, adventure, and fortune, like the
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