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Mr. Kishore Biyani King of Retail INTRODUCTION ‘ITS A UNIQUE CHALLENGE ONE HAS TO LIVE UP TO AND I FAILED IT IN MY FIRST ATTEMPT.IT TURNED OUT TO BE A HUMBLING EXPERIENCE AND TAUGHT ME LESSONS THAT SHAPED MY LIFE FROM THEREON’ -KISHORE BIYANI ABOUT KISHORE BIYANI 1. He was born on 9 august 1961 in Mumbai.He was the second son of shrilaxmi narayan biyani and Smt Godavari Biyani 2. Graduated in commerce from HR college, Mumbai 3. Introvert and shy natured person 4. Belongs to business family. STORE DESIGN & LAYOUT -Headquartered in MUMBAI -Employees over 30,000 people. -Pantaloon Retail is the flagship company of Future GROUP -Has over 1000 stores across 61 cities in India…show more content…
Kishore Biyani was born in August, 1961 and is married to Sangita and they have two daughters. He recently authored a book, ‘It Happened In India’ that captures his entrepreneurial journey and the growth of modern retailing in India. DREAM OF THE LEADER Equal Dreams — Pursuing inclusive futures What’s your approach to retail? I keep my eyes and ears open to observe our customers and turn those insights into How do we serve better them? When you focus on the consumers’ perspective and what can be done for them rather than just on how to move goods – that changes everything. How do you capture and interpret customer insights? We start by taking note of memes within popular culture with things like TV serials, cinema, songs, etc. We ask ourselves Why is this getting popular? What’s driving this? – because there’s a reason why these specific stories have captured the imagination of the people. We believe since these stories resonate widely that it’s reflective of the dreams people share. What is the role of business in helping individuals achieve their dreams? An organisation is a collection of many individuals, with their own dreams, coming together to work on a common vision. It then becomes our responsibility as managers and human beings to ensure that we start asking ourselves how do we increase their satisfaction and thinking capacity – it’s not just about economic output. You’ve mention that dreaming is the essence of

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