Biography on Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

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Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was christened in the chapel at the Buckingham Palace. The Princess received her first name after her mother Elizabeth; while she received her middle name from her paternal great grandmother, Queen Alexandra, and paternal grandmother, Queen Mary. She spent her early years at One Hundred Forty Five Piccadilly, London, and White Lodge in the Richmond Park. She also spent time in country homes with her paternal grandparents, and her mother’s parents. She had gained a sister when she was four, Princess Margaret Rose. When Princess Elizabeth was 6 years old, her parents took over the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park as their own country home. (“The Official Website of The British Monarchy”) Queen Elizabeth was home schooled with her younger sister, Princess Margaret. After her father had succeeded to the throne, she started studying constitutional history and law for preparation for her future role as queen. ( “The Official Site of the British Monarchy”) She also learned French to use when speaking to ambassadors and heads of state of French speaking countries, and when visiting French speaking areas. The Queen also studied extracurricular activities such as art and music. She also learned to ride and became a strong swimmer, when she was thirteen she won the…

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