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What organic molecule can be detected with Lugol’s?
By using the Lugol’s iodine test, we can detect the presence of starches.

Why put Lugol’s in the beaker and not the bag?
When we put the Lugol’s regent (I2Kl) in the beaker, we can observe the effects of osmosis as the Lugol’s regent (I2Kl) solution on the outside of the beaker permeates the intestine (Dialysis tubing) inducing a chemical reaction that will turn the liquid in the intestine (Dialysis tubing) blue-black.

If the amylase successfully digests the starch, what results would you expect?
If the amylase successfully digests the starch, I would expect a no color change occur as well as a presence of glucose in the intestine (Dialysis tubing).

If the amylase only partly
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Were Lugol molecules able to cross the membrane?
Yes, the starch molecules were able to cross the membrane as we observe the color changes that occur inside the intestine (Dialysis tubing).

What is your conclusion regard amylase digestive activity?
In this experiment, I concluded that amylase have the abilities to catalyze the breakdown of the starch into glucose. Also, some molecules, such as the Lugol’s regent (I2Kl) and glucose are able to permeate through intestine (Dialysis tubing) while others, such as starch is not able to permeate through the (Dialysis tubing).

What does this experiment tell you about the size of glucose molecules and membrane permeability?
This experiment tells me the size of the glucose molecule is very small in comparison to starch molecule. They have high membrane permeability that allows them to permeate through the intestine (Dialysis tubing); this is supported by the presence of glucose in the water when we conducted the glucose test.

In the experiment, did the movement of glucose and starch molecule reflect the expected results of biological simulation?

In this experiment, the glucose and starch molecules accurately reflected the expected results of the biological simulation. Animal’s starch molecule can’t cross the plasma membrane to leave the intestine, similarity in our experiment, the starch solution were not able to permeate through the intestine (Dialysis tubing), thus a

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