Biological And Psychological Aspect Of Schizophrenia

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Biological and Psychological Aspect of Schizophrenia
Antone Graham
National University
Biological Psychology
Professor Matthew Sanders
October 20, 2016

This paper defines schizophrenia from a biological and psychological perspective and also provides treatment to help combat symptoms of schizophrenia. This paper has three important contributions. First, by defining and expanding on schizophrenia from a biological perspective, I can identify the nature related predispositions. After expanding from a biological approach, secondly, I will analyze schizophrenia from a psychological aspect by determining if there is any environment or nurturing externals that can result to schizophrenia. Lastly, I will provide treatment details and also reveal early signs to schizophrenia. This paper is important because schizophrenia is an epic mental disease and it is crucially important to bring awareness to the public of how we can limit the illness. It is unclear whether schizophrenia have only a biological background or psychological background, but what was discovered is that both contribute to schizophrenia. Positive and negative treatment can be combatted undergoing pharmaceutical and psychotherapy,

The scientific interpretation of schizophrenia was one that supported a physical basis which was attributed to an imbalance in the cognition of humans. The goal of natural science aimed in finding rational, scientific causes, that would lead to biological…
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