Biological Causes Of Anorexia

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There are many causes behind why people suffer from anorexia. The first one would be that it is genetics that involves the risk for some sort of eating disorder. This would make a person more vulnerable to having this mental illness more than someone without these genetic factors. Another common cause is that someone in a person's family suffers from anorexia. This allows a person to become adjusted to this mental illness, thinking of it as a social norm. They don't understand the risk factors involving anorexia. Although social media does have an effect on some types of eating disorders, it has been proven that anorexia is indeed a biological illness, and the best treatment that can come from this is a biological approach. If the case of genetics being strictly behind the reason for the eating disorder,…show more content…
This is why eating disorders are listed as the most deadly mental illness over anything else. I found out a number of treatments that can help a person who suffers from anorexia. However, for those that actually choose to get treatment, the very first thing that should occur is the treatment of the symptoms, which means that whatever their body is lacking they should be provided the right care for that specific function. The example that Bradford also uses in her article is that if a person is dehydrated, that's the first step that should be fixed behind the treatment. When the symptom has been noted, next would come the action. The action would be to help the person in need to boost their weight up. However, these treatments aren't just physical, they require a much need for mentally stabilizing them as well. This is indeed an emotional disorder that requires psychological help. The patients who go through therapy can then receive antidepressants or any other sort of medication that their body needs in order to stabilize their brain
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