Biological, Cognitive, And Social Cultural Influences On Grief

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1. Identify several biological, cognitive, and social cultural influences on grief. Biological influences during the grieving process pretends to effects brought on by the unfortunate loss of a love one. Biological influences such as in the act of crying, smiling, joking pulling of hair, scratching of the face along with other self-injurious behaviors. Biological influences are based on ones very one cultural rules and traditions.
Cognitive influence on grief is the matter of how the brain responds to mortality. Psychological effects range from a wide range of emotional disturbances. An emotional disturbance such as depression which can lead to sleep deprivation, appetite disturbance, intense sadness, sorrow, fatigue, depression, relief,
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Mesosystem: The mesosystem is the relation between the various microsystems in a child 's life. A child’s mesosystem is impacted by his or her actions in the microsystem. For example, how a child reacts to a loss has a direct impact on his or learning environment, household, playground and so forth.
Ecosystem: According to our text, “The exosystem refers to the external relationships in which a child is influenced indirectly. Within this system, a child’s indirect contact can include culture, community, and society.” For example if a child’s family was to have been pounce on by a natural disaster and losing most of the family’s life necessities then ultimately all the pressure and disconformities would eventually trickle down to the child. Even though he was not directly involved in the onslaught, his life will ultimately be effected as the family struggles to survive.
Macrosystem: Our text describes the macrosystem as, “The culture in which the individual lives. Members of a cultural group share a common identity and most importantly values.” The way a community grieves depends on the community’s values and beliefs. We as Mexican/Americans tend to follow our ancestry way of mourning. We have a showing of the body to which is prayed a rosary accompanied by beautiful music and is shown for roughly two days. The ritual is followed by a mass then a priest will join the
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