Biological Differences Between Males And Females

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Sex is defined as “the average, reliable, biological differences between males and females” (Auleb 1). One biological difference between males and females is in external genitalia: males have penises whereas females have vaginas. Sexuality refers to one 's sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, and capacity for sexual feelings ( Someone who is not sexually attracted to anyone may identify themselves as asexual. And sexual identity is one 's conception of themselves in terms of to whom they are sexually and romantically attracted, if they experience sexual or romantic attraction at all ( Someone who is attracted to people regardless of gender may identify as bisexual, or as pansexual if they do not adhere to the belief that there are only two genders. One 's sexual behaviors and attitudes towards sex and sexuality may be governed by their values, of which there are two types. Formal values are what one says they believe; informal values are what one actually does (Auleb 3). If someone says that people should wait until marriage to have sex, that is their formal values. If they abstain from sex until marriage, that is their informal value. Ideally, one 's formal values and informal values are in sync, for if they are not, one may find themselves in a situation in which they are unready or unwilling to participate. One 's values do not form in a vacuum and are shaped by their society and culture. Family, religion, school, media, and personal…
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