Biological Diversity And Its Effects On Our Environment

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Humanity has proven ourselves to be capable of incredible feats, some which may benefit the lives of our communities, our industry, and our understanding of the world as we know it. Others can bring great harm to ourselves or to the planet that we live on. There comes a time when we must recognize how we impact our surroundings, and to ask ourselves how far we are willing to go.
Choices that we have made as a species have put the lives of some of Earth 's most ancient and diverse communities in danger. While only a small fraction of the creatures living under the sea have been discovered and recorded, the past half a century has shown us the our mistreatment of our environment has threatened the intricate systems of the ocean 's ecosystem. "Biological diversity in the oceans has decreased dramatically since industrialization began in the 19th century. The primary causes for the losses include the destruction of habitats by trawler fishing, pollution and eutrophication of the seas, as well as the steady progress of climate change. Biological diversity is probably declining more rapidly than ever before in the history of the Earth. But at the same time, only a small fraction of the species in the deep sea and polar oceans have so far been identified, making the loss of species in the oceans much more difficult to record and evaluate than on land," World Ocean Review reflects on the dramatic decrease of marine species.
One of the leading causes of this rapid disappearance, and…
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