Biological Diversity and the Ways It Can Be Destroyed, Restored and Maintained

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For my topic I chose to explore biological diversity and ways that it can be destroyed, restored, and maintained. In class, we were taught that diversity is the number of distinct species of animals, insects, plants, etc. that are living in a particular area. We found out that diversity is greater in the tropics and less towards the poles. This is called the Latitude Diversity Gradient and could be due to one or more of three theories. They are the cradle hypothesis that says the area where species tend to be born is in the tropical latitudes, the museum hypothesis that says the tropical latitudes provide a better habitat for species that go extinct in other latitudes, and the destination hypothesis that says species migrate to the…show more content…
Another example is that species are adapting to the stresses of living in the city, such as high population density and high heavy metal concentrations in the soil. The last example that was given was the house mouse and the Norway rat. These are both non-native species brought to New York that are developing a resistance to the warfarin used to try to kill them. (Taking a Walk on New York's Wild Side) This last example also shows us that introducing non-native species can increase diversity. The problem with that is sometimes those species become invasive species and can have negative effects on the diversity in an area. This can also happen with non-native plants and insects species as well. Methods of restoring biological diversity were addressed in this lecture too. The presenter said that the best way to maintain biological diversity is to keep natural area large and undisturbed because a larger space equals more diversity in species. While there are many projects that are working to restoring land to wild habitat, this option is not always possible. When building new parks, panels of experts put a lot of thought into what species would do well if introduced to the area. This includes animals, plants, birds, trees, insects, etc. They then introduce those species to the park when it is finished. Many companies are working towards putting green roofs on their company buildings. This would
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