Biological Factors

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Even though it is seen through evidence that biological factors have a great influence on criminal behaviour one can’t argue that sociocultural elements are also noticeable and play a large role in determining Criminal behavior. Environmental factors don’t state that biological factors have no part in determining criminality but rather the environmental factors fill in the missing gaps of information. Environment is considered to be an influential factor on criminal behavior, which explains why there is not a 1:1 correlation of genetic disposition and criminal behavior. One of the most important environmental factors occurs during the development through childhood. These factors of development is that of socialization or rather how the child…show more content…
Education is through studies seen to have been a significant in the manifestation of criminal behavior. Individuals with learning disabilities have been shown to be more prone to violent behavior. Source School success is considered to be a pro-social behavior which people strive to reach throughout the years. This is because school achievement is interwoven in today's society, and thus if someone has success in school, the cultural norm states that they will have success in life. Dr. Lonnie Athens, source a professor of criminology at Seton Hall University believes that violent individuals have been confronted with several factors in their lifetimes that contributed them to let out the rage and violence that they have. These factors include individuals that have been assaulted, abused or tortured. As seen through Dr. Athens’ model, individuals have a higher chance of becoming criminals from stems of social and psychological factors rather than biological ones. Some even believe that during the developmental stage of the child's, environment plays the biggest part in determining whether they will have criminal behavior while later in life, genetics plays a bigger role.
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