Biological Influences Of Mass Shootings

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According to Political Fact, “there have been 273 mass shooting in 2017- one for each day of the year (Pelosi).” In the past the government has used a strict definition to define a mass murder which states that at least four victims must be killed. Many factors play different roles in committing a terror attack or mass shooting such as biological, psychological, and social influences. The biological influences consist of natural selection, genetic predisposition and responding to the environment, brain mechanisms, and hormonal influences. Biologically, some people are born angry and more depressed than others. People who are depressed usually don’t like to see many people happy and having good times with other people. This could be why many mass shootings occur when people are having a good time like at the festival where Stephen Paddlock killed 59 people and injured more than 500. Tia Ghose from LiveScience says “killers often exhibit risk factors that are generally tied to criminality: a history of abuse or ineffective parenting, a tendency to set fires or hurt animals, a sadistic streak, and self-centeredness and a lack of compassion (Ghose).” Many people respond to the environment in many ways, whether its calmly or violently. In this case it was violently. Psychological influences of a mass shooter are much deeper than just someone’s physical appearance. Emotions can cause people to do vile things or at least what a person may think is right in that moment.
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