Biological Parent Research Paper

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Shouldn’t children be with their biological parents? But children should be removed from homes of alcoholics. If a child is in a home of alcoholics they should be removed from the home. Being with their biological parent is very important. Children should be removed from homes of alcoholics. As the child grows up they are trying to figure out who they are. It's hard for the child to be happy with a alcoholic parents. For a child with an alcoholic parent it causes depression. According to the American Academy of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry, “Depression or suicidal thoughts or behavior is a sign of drinking or other problem at the home” (Children of Alcoholics). Depression usually leads to suicidal thoughts which is very bad and a child shouldn’t ever have to go threw that. The article A Toxi, “Children grow up with three rules: don’t trust, don’t feel, and don’t talk” (A Toxi, Brew). It’s hard for children to act a different way when their role model is alcoholics. All they see is drinking so they are most likely going to drink as they got older.…show more content…
According to A Population at risk, “Most studies confirm that children will mostly drink as their parents do-abuse alcohol drink moderate, drinking lightly, or abstain” (Children of Alcoholics, Birke). If a child sees you do something constantly they will think it’s okay. The article children of Alcoholics says “Children of Alcoholics have little or no choices but to adapt to the environment and the family in which they are raised. In the future affected children who go untreated may bring their troubles to adult relationships and family” ( Children of Alcoholics). Parents have a lack of respect for family and relationships so will the child. Alcoholic parents tend to lie just because they don’t want the
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