Biological Pathways And Signaling Within The Brain

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One field of study in the realm of biology that still leaves much to be discovered is neuroscience, more specifically, the neurological pathways and signaling within the brain. While there have been many developments and breakthroughs in identifying areas of activity and neural pathways, there are still many obstacles to overcome and discoveries to be made. The authors of the journal High-fidelity optical reporting of neuronal electrical activity with an ultrafast fluorescent voltage sensor sought to overcome one such obstacle. They understood the potential for fluorescent proteins to be used for visualizing the firing of action potentials throughout neuronal pathways of the brain, but realized that such proteins were unable to accurately record higher frequency signaling across synapses where there was frequent action potential activity. Within this journal, they describe the methods used to produce a new fluorescent protein, accelerated sensor of action potential 1(ASAP1), and the benefits that it can provide to the field of visualizing the activity of action potentials as they propagate through synapses in the brain. They hypothesized that ASAP1 should be able to give definitive fluorescent readings for the activity of action potentials propagating through the brain, even in areas with high frequency activity that have not been measurable before. In order to create this revolutionary new fluorescent visualization protein, the researchers had to test it in many
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