Biological Psychology Essay

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Contribution of biological psychology to the study of behaviour, emotion and cognitions in seasonal affective disorder.

Known as a subset disorder of depression, seasonal affective disorder can only be identified as the recurrence of major depressive periods, typically during the autumnal months, which supress during the summer months of the year. Light therapy is known as the most effective treatment with minimal adverse effects, and successful administration is most common if conducted during the morning.

Under the umbrella of motivation comes the ideas of eating and sexual desire. Binge eating disorder is becoming a more prevalent issue within seasonal affective disorder particularly in women. Hyperphagia, otherwise known
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Loss of libido, more commonly known as loss of sexual desire, is another form of motivation necessary to be explored. Despite a lack of research on the interaction between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sexual Desire, it is possible to study this field with respect to depression. It is noted that Seasonal Affective Disorder is identified as a syndrome in which depression develops during the winter months where the symptoms almost match those of atypical depression. (Rosenthal, 1984). Therefore, from this, Sexual Desire can be explored in relation to depression. Casper et al., (1985) found that among 132 participants with depression, loss of sexual desire was found in near three-quarters of the patients with unipolar depression. In another study Mathew and Weinman (1982), concluded that sexual dysfunction was found more commonly in depressive patients than non-depressive. This sexual dysfunction is characterised by loss of sexual desire and arousal and orgasm problems, however loss of sexual desire was the most frequent. Subsequently, it is clear that loss of sexual desire is a known issue among Seasonal Affective Disorder however we must question whether the lack of libido is due to the depressive disorder or due to the treatment underwent. It is thought
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