Biological Theory And Psychological Theory

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Now day’s murder becomes very common in all countries due to increased desires and due to increased competition. Unlawfully killing of one human by another especially with a desire to harm others and see others suffering from pain, these are planned or sometimes unplanned. Murder done by convict (Hashmukhial Mistry) because of depressed mind and family conflicts. This essay explains the application of biological theory in case of Hashmukhial Mistry killed his wife and his father before taking his own life. Biological theory is originated from Social trait theory, deviant trait theory and psychological theory. Biological theory of crime assumes that a person lead to criminal activities just because of their physical attributes. Physical characteristics are generally transferred from parents to children. If certain physical attributes which force a individual to do some criminal activities are transferred to child from their parents that make the child more at risk of committing the crimes. Children mostly learn all the things from the family and society which increased day by day with increasing age. Johan Casper Lavater believed that shape of the skull and other facial features impacted human to conduct criminal activities. Charles Goring developed a study that compared prisoners with member of the Royal Engineer of London and found no differences in facial features or skull size between the two groups. However, Goring did conclude that he prisoners tended to have
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