Essay on Biological Warfare

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Biological Warfare

I believe that biological warfare should not be option in war because it is expensive, it could cause a major death toll, and could cause major contamination to anything that is left over after biological weapons are used. Others believe that biological warfare should be an option because it is quick and kills off a lot of area all at once and may be more potent than the most lethal chemical warfare agents.

At a time in history when such unique situations are effecting our government, our nation, our foreign policy, and our world, it is important that we, as a nation do all that we can to aide in the dramatic diplomatic decisions that pertain to the welfare of this great nation. Throughout history, America has
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"This administration has done a lot of planning for how to defend ourselves from Iraq, but they have done no planning to bring economic growth to America." Democratic Minority Leader Richard Gephardt once said. As we have seen since September 11, bio-terrorism can cause major economic damage. The Bookings Institutions estimates that if there was a major biological attack in an immense urban area it could cause $750 billion in economic damage. The bush administration has put billions of dollars into preparation of biological warfare. For some preparation, the United States “must go beyond our borders to find companies willing to make vaccines to combat biological weapons.” America is probably paying a pretty penny for these vaccines and treatments that are needed to teach us and help us against an attack of biowarfare.

In George Bush’s State of the Union Address he asked Congress to grant $6 billion dollars to a plan called Project Bioshield. Project Bioshield would help in the research and production of desirable drugs and vaccines to protect the American people for the terror of biological warfare. If biological warfare was not an option in war then The United States would not be throwing out this money that could be used for something else like education,
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