Essay on Biological Warfare: Testing and Researching Toxins

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Biological Warfare: Testing and Researching Toxins Biological Warfare is the use and employment of biological agents to harm or kill humans, animals, or plant life. Bio warfare can cause a significant amount of casualties with less preparation and work then other types of attacks. The weapons are relatively cheap and, unlike explosive attacks, biological attacks can be used to kill a select group. This meaning a biological agent can be created that would, for example only target animals or only target humans. There are various agents used in biological warfare. The U.S. Military defines these agents as "those biological pathogens and toxins that are intended for use during military operations to cause death and disease among…show more content…
Another attack took place between the British and the American Indians between 1754 and 1767. Allegedly the British gave the Indians blankets infested with small pox and by doing so spread a deadly epidemic. In 1932 the Japanese were conducting experiments using human test cases at a site called "Unit 731" [4]. In order to thoroughly test their agents, which consisted of anthrax, cholera, shigellosis, salmonella, and plague, they dispersed them among eleven Chinese cities killing 10,000 people in the process. Partially in response to previous biological attacks in other countries, the United States began "an offensive biological warfare program at Camp Detrick" in 1943 [4]. The program officially started ten years later and in 1969 they were able to "weaponries" (McGovern, Christopher, 2) the biological agents used to produce anthrax, botulism, tularemia, brucellosis, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, and Q fever. Although a lot of work was put into producing this program, it and all others like it were shut down and destroyed after Nixon ended the United States Offensive Biological Warfare Program. The deal was sealed in 1972 when the U.S. stated it would never "developed, produce, stockpile, acquire, or retain biological warfare agents or the means to deliver them" [4]. This deal was officially named the Biological Weapons Convention. In spite of United States proclamation that their further development

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