Biology 108 Worksheet Essay

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1. Define science – Science is the development of concepts about the natural world , often by using the scientific method 2. Define multicellular organism - are those organisms containing more than one cell, and having differentiated cells that perform various functions. 3. Identify the 3 domains of living things. Which domains include one-celled organisms with no nucleus? a) Organized, Homeostatic & Reproduce. b) Bacteria & Archaea 4. Modern taxonomists (scientists who classify organisms) no longer use the classification of the kingdom of Protists. List the three other kingdoms of Eukarya. Plants, Fungi & Animals 5. List and give a brief explanation of the steps of the scientific method. The…show more content…
The reporter may misunderstand what is printed 9. Which types of URL's on the internet are considered more reliable when trying to find a website with scientific information? URL’s that end in .edu, .gov, and .org. Which types of URL's should you carefully question and verify? URL’s that end in .com or .net. Why? Because quite a bit of scientific info on the Inet is intended to entice people. 10. What is anecdotal data? Testimonies by individuals rather than results from a controlled, clinical study which isn’t reliable. Why is it considered unreliable supporting scientific information? Because it’s subjective. 11. Why is correlation data (data showing that two events occurred at the same time) not necessarily meaningful? Because one factor might not be the cause of the other. 12. Briefly define the following: Matter is anything that takes up space. Element is any substance that can’t be broken down into substances with different properties. Atom is the smallest part of an element that displays the properties of the element. 13. What are the subatomic particles and what is the electrical charge of each? Protons (positively charged), Neutrons (electrically neutral), both found in the Nucleus of the atom & Electrons (negatively charged). Where in the atom is each of these particles found? In the orbital (Electrons) 14. Which two types of bonds join atoms into

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