Biology 1322 Lay Literature Article Essay

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ARTICLE CRITIQUE BIOL 1322 The newspaper/magazine article I am critiquing comes from: Women’s Health , dated November/December 2005 . (Name of Publication) NOTE: Attach a copy of the article to this report. Answer the following questions: 1. What sort of language does the writer use? Do the words imply sensationalism or conclusive findings? Phrases such as “startling revelation” or “now we know” or “the study proved” are clues to whether the report is a sensational one. Does the author take a tentative approach, using words such as may, might, or could? What do these words imply? I evaluate the language used in the publication as follows: The…show more content…
Where? Does the journal mentioned publish valid scientific findings? I judge the credibility of the item to be: I judge the credibility of this article to be accurate. Although there was no mention of whether or not the information provided is published in a medical or nutritional journal, the author states that the dosages given are the Recommended Daily Allowances. RDA’s easily be verified online through numerous websites and journal articles. 4. How were the results obtained? Can you tell from the article whether this was a case study, an epidemiological study, and intervention study, or a laboratory study? How does that information affect your understanding of what the results have contributed to nutrition science? The methods used to obtain these results were: From this text of the article I conclude that the information provided came as the result of case studies. Knowing that the data has been tested and proven shows me that nutritional science is an evolving field of study. Just like any other science, what works for one person mat not necessarily work for another. These studies produce Recommended Daily Allowances that provide us with a guide to start our individual nutritional plan and then adjustments can be made as necessary for optimal individual health. 5. Does the finding apply to you? Should you change your eating

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