Biology As A Scapegoat For Gender Inequality And Sexism

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There are many ways that sociology and sociologists have tried to challenge “biology as destiny”, in this paper I will discuss a few of those ways, I will also discuss how biology has been used as a scapegoat for gender inequality and sexism. Historically biology and evolution have both been used to excuse gender inequality, sexism, rape, and other gendered practices. For this paper, I am going to focus on three ways that biology has been used to polarize the sexes. Hormones, reproduction, and stereotypes are the topics I will be discussing. They are all topics that have all been discussed in the reading and discusses by sociologists who are dealing with gender.
According to Webster dictionary hormones are “a natural substance that is produced in the body and that influences the way the body grows or develops” Testosterone is a hormone that is found in men at higher quantities than it is found in women. It has been widely accepted that because men naturally have more testosterone, testosterone causes them to be more aggressive. This excuse has been used to explain violent behavior in men for a very long time. Sapolsky’s article on testosterone attempts to challenge this belief and offer up another explanation. He discusses the social hierarchy of monkeys and how introducing testosterone changes the way the monkeys behave around each other. What Sapolsky found was that introducing testosterone to a middle-rank monkey did not affect how the treated his superiors. Instead,

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