Biology At St. Francis Desales High School

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y name is Brittany Truong and I am a rising senior at St.Francis DeSales High School. b. I plan to major in biochemistry at a four year university and to later attend medical school. c. HIV is a virus that most of you, if not all, have heard of. That is because over 1.2 million Americans live with it everyday. Many of you may wonder: what makes this disease so dangerous? Well, out of all these infected people, one in eight are not even aware that this virus is currently multiplying in their bloodstream (CDC). This ignorance stems from the fact that HIV initially lies latent in the body for up to ten years. After this period, it becomes a sneaky killer by destroying the white blood cells of the immune system. When your body no longer has a mechanism to defend itself, you become susceptible to common illnesses such as flu or pneumonia that can take your life because your body can no longer fight back. (Okoye) d. I chose HIV because it is a disease that leads to AIDS which has taken the lives of about 39 million people and counting. When a virus affects such a vast number of people all across the world, it is a blaring sign that something needs to be done in order to stop this growing epidemic that will only continue to take more lives. Awareness must be spread and research needs to be improved in order to bring a new world for future generations in which they do not have fear of contracting HIV. 2. Advertisement a. Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a disease that affects over a

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