Biology Career Research Paper

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The biology career that i choose to do my research paper project on was a Microbiologist which is a biologist that studies is a scientist who studies microscopic life forms like cells and processes or works in the field of microbiology.The job of a microbiologist is to study bacteria, virus, cells, and other organisms that can not be seen with the naked eye they do that so they can reroute viruses or bacteria that can harm humans to make life safe harm humans to try to reroute them and make them non harmful towards humans. A microbiologist would study ebola or the flu virus to come up with a cure. This means they have a part in health care because they cure diseases and/or fight against them. I will be discussing a Microbiologist from their…show more content…
Four year college education for passage level positions; doctoral degree is basic among school educators and free specialists. The normal yearly out-of-state expense for a lone ranger program in Microbiology, Generally is 35,454 dollars with an expected normal four year degree complete expense of 141,816 dollars but there are lots of scholarships that students can get to pay for their classes and go to college with this as their major. Top microbiologist Jobs consist of the two that i listed but there are more these are just the ones i wanted to put down Scientist II, and R&D Microbiologist but there are lots more jobs that other people can do if they don’t like those. Microbiologists work freely or as a component of a group in the field gathering Microbiologists study microorganisms (organisms) so as to see how they influence our lives and how we can misuse them. They can work in groups or by themselves but most of the time they work in groups as most scientist do because groups make work fun and make work take less
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