Biology : Cells And Stem Cells

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Cells and Stem Cells 1. The Typical Animal Cell 2. Vacuole: The Vacuole are used as storage inside the cell. Vacuoles store food, water and nutrients to help keep the cell alive. The vacuole can also store the waste that the cell produces so it doesn’t damage the rest of the cell. Vacuoles are usually made from amino acid and water. Nucleus: The Nucleus acts like the brain in the cell, this is because the Nucleus helps to control the cells reproduction, eating and movement. Nucleolus: The Nucleolus is a small, typically round granular body composed of protein and RNA in the nucleus of a cell. The nucleolus is organizer of chromosomes which contain the genes. Mitochondria: The Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of the cell. They are organelles that act like a digestive system that takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy for the cell. Lysosome: The Lysosome is an organelle that holds enzymes that were created by the cell. The purpose of the lysosome is to digest things that the cell has made. They might be used to digest food or break down the cell when it dies. 3. Structure and function The animal sperm cell The animal nerve cell Nucleus Helps control the movement and the cells reproduction The nucleus helps control the direction the sperm is moving during reproduction. The nucleus controls the nerve cells communication. Cytoplasm is a type of fluid that fills up the cell. Inside the cytoplasm there’s acids that are used to keep the cell

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