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Standard Level Biology Design Lab: How do Smarties and M&Ms compare when examined in 5 areas: mass, shell solubility, volume, density, and nutrition facts? , Erin MacNeil SL Biology Kathy DeGrasse Halifax Grammar School March 3rd, 2013 Section 1.1 Planning (a) * Introduction * Research Question * Hypothesis * Explanation of Hypothesis * Variables Introduction: In this lab, M&Ms and Smarties will be compared in five different ways: mass, shell solubility, volume, density, and nutrition facts. For each comparison 10 Smarties will be used and 10 M&Ms will be used. This is to ensure that the results are more accurate, as each piece of candy is not the same size, weight etc… A total of 50…show more content…
Observe both candies until the candy coating is completely dissolved. When there is only the chocolate left in the water, record the time on to an Excel spreadsheet. Repeat these steps four more times to complete 10 trails for Smarties. When all of the trials are completed with Smarties, dump out all of the water and chocolate, rinse the beakers thoroughly and dry them with paper towel. Repeat the same steps used for Smarties using M&Ms. After all of the data has been collected and entered into the Excel spreadsheet; use the “Insert Function” feature to calculate the average time of solubility and the standard deviation. Nutrition Facts: Look on the back of the boxes of Smarties and M&Ms for the Nutrition Facts. Calculate the amount of sugar in a single piece of a Smartie. Divide the grams of sugar, as stated on the package, by the total grams of the package. Example: one package of Smarties contains approximately 30g (30 Smartie candies), and 22g of sugar. 22g of sugar divided by the total of 30g equals 0.73g of sugar for every 1g (1 Smartie). Repeat these steps using the following nutrition facts: fat, protein, calories and carbohydrates. Also repeat all of the steps above using M&Ms. Enter all data into an Excel spreadsheet and use the “Insert Function” feature to calculate the mean and standard deviation for the sugar, fat, protein, calories and carbohydrates in both Smarties and
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