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Scientific Method
1. Define the following:
a. Independent Variable: the variable that I change in the experiment

b. Dependent Variable: the variable that I am measuring (it depends on the independent variable)

c. Control Variable: variable that stay the same

d. Controlled experiment: an experiment in which only one variable is changed at a time

e. Hypothesis: an educated guess (If…, then…)

2. You have measured the rate at which a fish breaths at various temperatures by counting the rate at which its gills open. The data table is shown below. Create a line graph depicting the results.

Breathing Rate (breaths/minute)
Temperature (°C)
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Form bones & muscle.
Transport substances in & out of cells.
Fight off disease. (Immune System)
Nucleic Acids
C, H, O, N, P
Stores genetic material

6. What is the function of an enzyme?
Acts as a biological catalyst, speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction

7. How do temperature and pH affect enzymes?
Most enzymes work best at body temperature, higher temps will cause the enzyme to no longer work properly

8. Why is water important to living things?
Make up a lot of living things, universal solvent (dissolves many things)

9. Water is POLAR (which mean it is + on one end and – on the other).

10. Define Surface Tension:
Attraction between water molecules which allows insects and other objects to float a top the water

11. Acids have pH BELOW 7

12. Bases have pH ABOVE 7

13. Neutral solutions have pH of 7
Chapter 7 – Cell Structure & Function (including Diffusion and Osmosis)
14. Define the following:
a. Lipid bilayer – double layer of lipids that make up a cell membrane

b. Protein Channels – help move bigger molecules through the cell membrane

c. Carbohydrates – check ID of substances entering the cell

15. List the function

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