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YEAR 11 BIOLOGY EEI YEAR 11 BIOLOGY EEI JOSHUA CURSON JOSHUA CURSON ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY- ENZYMES ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY- ENZYMES ------------------------------------------------- THE ENZYME IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD Effects of Temperature on Amylase Activity ABSTRACT: The aim of this EEI was to test the effects of temperature on the activity of the enzyme Amylase. Solutions of starch and amylase were held at selected temperatures by various methods of temperature control. Once the solutions reached and maintained the desired temperature they were combined. Samples at timed intervals were then taken and reacted with a reagent to determine the effect the selected temperatures had on the reaction rate of enzyme and…show more content…
A constant temperature water bath will be needed to maintain temperature. All enzymes and starch solutions will be maintained in the optimum pH so as to ensure a fair test (REFER TO FIG-32). The following is an EEI designed to test the effects of temperature on the activity of the enzyme Amylase. This experiment on enzymes was done to help convey how environmental factors affect the activity of an enzyme. The experiment will revolve around changing one variable (temperature), measuring one variable (color of the samples in the spot plate/reaction rate/time) and keeping everything else the same (optimum pH/volume of reactants and the reagent). To test the effects of temperature on the activity of amylase, solutions of the enzyme and starch will be reacted with each other at controlled temperatures 70oC, 50oC, 37oC, room temperature and 4oC and below. To find out what effect these temperatures have on the activity of the enzyme, a sample of the resulting solution will be taken at allocated times and be placed onto a spot plate where a test for starch will be done by adding iodine reagent. The relative enzyme activity in the spot plate will be assessed as follows: Iodine test for starch | Amount of starch remaining | Enzyme activity level | Yellow/gold | NONE | NORMAL 5 | Light purple/silver/grey | SOME, | MODERATE 4 | Tan/light

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