Biology Enzyme Experiement

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An enzyme is a biological catalyst. It speeds up a reaction by lowering the activation energy required to start the reaction. It speeds up a reaction, but remains unchanged unless certain limiting factors are introduced. It is composed of polymers of amino acids. An enzyme has an optimum pH and temperature. When an enzyme is at its optimum conditions, the rate of reaction is the fastest. In their globular structure, one or more polypeptide chains twist and fold, bringing together a small number of amino acids to form the active site, or the location on the enzyme where the substrate binds and the reaction takes place. An enzyme has an active site, which has a unique shape into which only a substrate of the exact same unique shape can fit.…show more content…
My hypothesis is that the more acidic the milk is the faster it takes for the milk to curdle when renin is added to it. As pH increases, enzyme activity increases until it reaches an optimal point in which enzymes denatures and as pH increases, enzyme activity decreases.

Trends in this experiment don’t make proper sense due to inaccurate measurements of the temperature of the milk and inaccurate measurement of pH level. Though I can say that at pH level 7 and 11 the time taken for the milk to curdle were really low and close, at pH level 8 the time taken was high and at pH level 9 no result was taken maybe because the enzyme doesn’t function the at this particular pH level.

In conclusion my hypothesis was correct, the more acidic the milk the faster the time it takes for the milk to curdle. Due to inaccurate measurement, correct results might not have been obtained thus impacted on our results.

Independent variable – the pH level of the substrate
Dependant variable – The time it takes for the milk to curdle
Controlled variable - The size of the test tube, amount of milk poured into each test tube, amount of renin mixed inside test tube, same weather condition, same temperature of the milk inside the test tube.
- Get half a tablet of renin and put it inside
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