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FALL 2016

Gene Organization and Expression – 410.610.82
Exam I
Johns Hopkins University
Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
Advanced Academic Programs This exam is an open-book, open-note exam. You will have one week to complete the questions. You must submit through the assignment in the Lesson. Late submissions will be penalized 10% for the first day and 20% each day after. Answer both questions on the exam. You can use all resources available to you to research these questions, but your answers must be yours and yours alone.

Style: Pretend you are at the front of the class and I have asked you these questions. Imagine how you would say the answer out loud.

Do not quote! You can’t memorize quotes; you’re in front of the class.

Do not cite literature! This isn’t a paper, it’s an answer to a question I’ve asked you.

Each answer should fit in on a single page, single space or two page, double space using 12 pt. font (you may delete the question)!

Good Luck!
1. Compare the characteristics of
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The concept of protein domains and motifs has dominated the first half of this course. Discuss the relevance of protein domains to the following topics:

a) binding of proteins to DNA

Domains are parts of proteins that have some known structure and functionality. Therefore, DNA binding are stretches of a protein that contains some known structural motif and has a high affinity for DNA allowing the two to bind.

One example of a proteins domain that binds DNA is the zinc finger which appear more than any other protein in eukaryotes. Zinc fingers are named for their finger-like appearance and can bind not only zinc, iron and other metals but also DNA, RNA and others.

Another example is the leucine zipper which gets its name from the pattern-like occurrence of leucine throughout the protein’s two α helices. Leucine zippers bind to promoters and induce transcription, ultimately expressing the gene.

b) binding of proteins to other
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