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Lab 9: Pea Genetics Lab Report Zach Freeland : Section 03 : BIOS 210 Fundamentals of Cellular Biology Lab Title: • Gathering Data on the Different Traits of the Garden Pea (Pisum Sativum), Organizing the Dominant/Recessive Phenotypes of 60 F2 Offspring and Determining Whether the Null Hypothesis is Rejected or Accepted Using the Chi-Square Test. Introduction: • This lab had 2 exercises. Exercise 9.1 involved observing pictures of 60 F2 offspring and recording the phenotypes for 6 different traits. Exercise 9.2 required us to perform the “chi-square test” to determine whether the data we collected matches the standard Mendelian ratio. o The purpose of this experiment was to see if the 3:1 ratio for the monohybrid cross and the 9:3:3:1 ratio for the dihybrid cross was present in the data we collected. o The purpose of the “chi-square test” was to see if our data was in an acceptable range of a specific ratio listed above. The chi-square test took into account the expected deviations in the F2 offspring’s alleles. • The variables in this lab were different than the average science experiment. Instead of affecting the experiment to prompt different results, we just had F1 generation plants produce offspring so that we could study their specific traits. By looking at the variables, we can determine if they fit the Mendelian ratio and see if genes are linked on a chromosome. o Independent variable(s): The alleles that spontaneously segregate into the gametes (later turn into
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