Biology Lab Report 7

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Comparing The Resting Heart Rate and Recovery Time Of Males And Females After Physical Activity Devyn Jones 26 September 2014 Biology 140 Section 38 Dr. Maria Gainey Abstract In this study we tested to see whether or not males have a lower resting pulse rate and if males have a faster pulse recovery time after engaging in physical activity. The experiment groups are the males and females of the class. The experiment involves walking up and down a flight of stair s and recoding your pulse rate for a period of time. The average resting pulse for the males was 72 beats/min, and the average resting rate for females was 80. The average percent change was 35.7%, and the mean pulse recovery time is 4 minutes. The experiment only…show more content…
The males entered their data in one chart, and the females did the same in another chart. The percent change from baseline, and the average recovery time was calculated. Results In the experiment, I compiled data of two test groups, males and females. According to the figure on the next page you can see that the males resting rate was lower than the females, however, as the experiment was concluded I observed that the female’s recovery rate was faster than the males. The average resting heart rate for males was 72beats/min and the females resting heart rate was 80beats/min. The average recovery time for males was 4 min, and female’s recovery time was 2 min. The mean percent change in pulse rate is 36.39%. (0*) -- Pulse taken immediately after the stepping test. Discussion This experiment displays the cardiovascular strength of both males and females. In my hypothesis I stated, males have a lower resting heart rate and a faster recovery time after physical activity when compared to females. However the results of the experiment only prove half of my hypothesis therefore, I can only state that males have a lower resting heart rate than females. The males average resting heart rate was 72 beats/min and the females resting heart rate was 80. However the females recovered faster than the males when returning to their resting pulse rates. The females average
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