Biology Lab Report Essay

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Through this lab, what we are trying to figure out is the evolution of sexual reproductions. Even though, it is commonly known that the cross-over happens during meiosis, which causes the genetic variations through the exchange of DNA sequences, we do not know much about the factors that vary these reproductions. In “Evolution Canyon”, the organism called “Sordaria fimicola” has been studied by scientists due to their difference in cross-over frequencies. There are two types of slope in “Evolution Canyon.”: the South Facing Slope(SFS) which receives higher solar radiation, causing high temperature and draught, and the North Facing Slope(NFS) where the temperature is cool, and humid. Scientists found out that strain from SFS have higher mutation rates than that of NFS. However, we do not know yet if the environmental pressures caused the difference in these cross-over frequencies and we are trying to figure it out through this lab.…show more content…
First, 4:4 can occur when recombination doesn’t happen. Secondly, 2:2:2:2 can happen when all of the pairs of chromosomes are ordered in line and then recombine. Lastly, 2:4:2 recombination occurs due to independent assortment. So both 2:2:2:2 type and 2:4:2 types occur through recombination. The effects of radiation on DNA are cell killing and mutagenesis. Continued exposure to radiation can cause bad effects on living matter. “Radiation either ionizes or excites atoms or molecules in living cells, leading to the dissociation of molecules within an organism. The most destructive effect radiation has on living matter is ionizing radiation on DNA. Damage to DNA can cause cellular death, mutagenesis (the process by which genetic information is modified by radiation or chemicals), and genetic transformation. “ (Joseph Chao, Linda Su(date not found).The Effects of Radiation on Matter. Retrieved
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