Biology Of The Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative

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Learning information has engaged and interested me throughout the courses I have taken; however, the opportunity to discover new information through research is one of my most intellectually stimulating experiences. With my goal to learn as much as possible under Dr. Nolan Kane, the Professional Investigator of the Cannabis Genomic Research Initiative (CGRI), I have expanded my traditional bench lab experience to bioinformatics, hemp breeding, and leading designing and performing my own project examining differential protein expression in Cannabis. Although I am deeply fascinated by a four letter code that encodes the human body, I am also providing myself the freedom within my research to learn about other organisms and genetic diseases that I hope to treat within my career. My longest ongoing project began in October 2014 under the guidance of Dr. Daniela Vergara, a post-doctoral researcher of the CGRI, who helped another undergraduate student and I begin to troubleshoot a protocol for a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The goal of this experiment was to analyze variation between strains of Cannabis in a region of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Synthase Gene that was amplified by another research team’s primer set. The published protocol was originally unsuccessful when attempting to be reproduced. My colleague and I had applied for the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Grant, which funded our research to determine a successful protocol for this PCR. However, near

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