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Laboratory Exercise #8 DNA Fingerprinting: Identification of DNA Restriction Fragmentation Patterns I. Introduction All humans have in common the coding sequences of their DNA, but, unless you are an identical twin, the non-coding sequences of your DNA are like no other person’s on the planet. The bulk of human DNA does not code for specific genes and is highly repetitive. A British geneticist, Alec Jefferies, developed laboratory techniques in 1984 that became known as DNA fingerprinting. These techniques can identify the differences in repetitive nucleotide sequences between individuals, but also show where sequences are the same and, therefore, have been inherited. DNA fingerprinting can be used to detect genetic disorders,…show more content…
McCormick, 63, reached the doorstep of his home in Southeast Washington about 3 a.m., when he was robbed and fatally shot by a man in a stocking mask, according to his widow, who caught a glimpse of the attack from inside the house. Police soon focused on Santae Tribble as a suspect. A police informant said Santae Tribble told her he was with his childhood friend, Cleveland Wright, when Wright shot McCormick. The prosecution’s theory was that Mr. Wright and Mr. Tribble acted together to kill Mr. McCormick. The evidence against Mr. Tribble was a black stocking cap from which was recovered 13 hairs. The FBI stated that one of those hairs was a match to Mr. Tribble, based upon the standard analysis of that time, which did not include a genetic profile. After a three-day trial, jurors deliberated two hours before asking about a stocking found a block away at the end of an alley on 28th Street SE. It had been recovered by a police dog, and it contained a single hair that the FBI traced to Tribble. Forty minutes later, the jury found Tribble guilty of murder. He was sentenced in January 1980 to 20 years to life in prison. Tribble, 17 at the time, his brother, his girlfriend and a houseguest all testified that they were together preparing to celebrate the guest’s birthday the night McCormick was killed. All four said Tribble and his girlfriend were asleep between 2 and 4:30 a.m. in Seat Pleasant. Tribble took the stand
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