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U.S. Government after 9\11 Markel Limbacker Kaplan College Abstract The U.S. Government has made many changes to the way it handles everyday functions. The acts of September 11, know as 9\11 made the government look at things differently. When the two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers located in the middle of New York City the government woke up from its sleep that day. The security in the U.S. did a complete turnaround and the USA Patriot Act was born. U.S. Government after 9\11 Since the attack on American soil the government issued the USA Patriot Act. This was created to deter and punish terrorist acts in and around the United States. It was also designed to enhanced law enforcement…show more content…
The high tech machines that were now being used all over the U.S. played a major role in the changes. The new monitoring systems allowed law enforcement to tap into any and everything that people use to communicate. If the government feels someone is a threat to the nation they can tap into their cell phones, house phone, emails, even their social networking like facebook or twitter to gather information. It all comes down to if you are doing something you should not be doing than you deserve to be monitored. At the beginning it all seem great that the country was taking charge in the war on terrorism, but now it feels like as if you are a criminal in your own backyard. The security checks and monitoring makes society feel there is no privacy anymore. That the government have become like other nations where the people have little to no rights at all. Big brother is watching and it can be a good thing and also a bad thing. What this nation does agree on together is that the nation diffidently needs to address this matter. Conclusion: The need for the new changes is something that should had been in place a long time ago. There can be no way society thinks America is being over protective. If this great nation that is called home to more than 300 million people not being alert and ready for anything, it will not be here much longer. The rules that are in place due to the 9\11 acts woke America up…now stay up America! References Didel, M. (2011).
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