Biology Personal Statement Essay

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My interest for biology has been developing all through my childhood and teenage years. I have always enjoyed being outside looking for invertebrates and seeing the variety of species outside. I am intrigued by the way the human body has evolved and carries out so many different functions, at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Studying biological sciences will provide me with the pathway that I have always wanted in order to understand the world and organisms within it.
While studying A-level Biology, the topics on the ‘voice of the genome’ and ‘genes and health’ have been of particular interest to me. I went on a biology fieldtrip to Slapton, which allowed me to apply my knowledge of the natural world to practical field work and
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Psychology has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of neurobiology and behaviour of organisms whilst extending my ability to work with both qualitative and quantitative data. I believe this skill will be important in a biology course as I will need to be able to manipulate data recorded from experiments. Chemistry has allowed me to expand and refine my laboratory skills, including what precautions and procedures are necessary throughout all scientific experiments. This practical component of Chemistry will help when studying Biological sciences as I will need these skills in the lab, for example when handling chemicals and equipment. All of my subjects have enabled me to develop my researching, analytical and problem solving skills, which is a vital part of a biological degree.
To further my knowledge into biology, I have been partaking in an online course about epidemiology which focuses on the influenza virus. It involved the evolution of the virus from the first pandemic in 1918 to the common cold at present. This course has given me a perspective of what the microbiology and immunology topics at university will involve. I have also done some extra reading, for example, I have read articles from Microbiology Today, The Big Picture and Biological Review. Additionally, I have read ‘The Selfish Gene’ by Richard
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