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I was introduced to the term ‘Sustainable Development’ at an early age. Nevertheless, it was only after experiencing, first-hand, the devastating effects of the Chennai floods of 2015, did I discern its true meaning and its momentousness. Intensified by climate change, the traditional monsoon rains wreaked havoc, and coupled with the obstruction of natural waterways, thanks to unregulated urbanization, caused the complete inundation of a major industrial hub(Chennai). Mired in poverty, a substantial percentage of the population lost its belongings to the turbulent waters and had a hard time recovering from the disaster. Clearly, there is a problem with this sort of mindless development, whose sole purpose is economic growth. Developing and…show more content…
Consequently, I was inquisitive of nature and had a strong penchant for the sciences and math in school. Biology, specifically, piqued my interest. In fact, I was christened ‘Biology Balaji’, because of my zeal towards the subject. Post-school, I expected to see very little of biology, as I had taken up chemical engineering as my undergraduate major. However, to my surprise, I came across several instances of biology being integrated into the discipline, during the course of my study, and I had a pleasant time learning them. In particular, the biochemical engineering course in my fifth semester appealed to me; it was an exciting experience, studying biology from a chemical engineer’s…show more content…
The metabolic network of over 750 microbes was analyzed using specialized statistical techniques, with the intention of identifying the evolutionary principles that made these organisms unique and helped them survive the hostile environment, that is the human gut. Following this, redundant pathways (like the fatty acid-synthesis pathway) were identified from across the organisms, and the concerned organisms were subjected to further scrutiny. An attempt was also made to classify the organisms based on the similarity of their lethal genes. A few other interesting results are currently being investigated, and a journal publication is expected to happen within the next few
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