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Research Project 2013:Investigating the Pulse Rate In Learners
Life Sciences
Tara Abraham

Research question: 2
Introduction to experiment: 2
Hypothesis: 2
Variables: 2 Independent variables: 2 Dependent variables: 2 Fixed (controlled) variables: 3
Apparatus to be used: 3
Method to be used to conduct experiment: 4 How the independent variable s going to be manipulated whilst the dependent variable is being measured. 4
Sample size: 4
Tables for girls 5
Tables for boys 6
Graphs: 7 Graphs for girls 8 Graphs for boys: 10
Discussion of results: 13 Individual graphs for each day of each sample: 13 The speeds for each sample: 13 The overall heart rates of all samples: 13
Recommendations: 15
Reference list 17
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I have chosen these graphs because it makes the data easier to read and easier to compare to one another
The line graph makes it easier to read when the different data begins to fluctuate.

Graphs for girls

Graphs for boys:

Discussion of results:
Individual graphs for each day of each sample:

All the data was recorded correctly leading to accurate graphs. Having used similar samples except gender the heart rates for each gender stayed similar to each other in their gender. Although
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