Biology : The Base Of Biology

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Understanding cells is at the base of biology. As part of our curriculum we teach that cells are the basic unit of structure and function. All living organisms are made of cells that work together to maintain the whole organism. Therefore, I stress the importance of knowing the parts of a cell and their function as one of the learning objectives for the cytology unit. Those parts, known as organelles, become reoccurring concepts in the following units of the course. For example, the nuclear membrane and chromosomes are at the center of unit four (cellular division) as well as unit five (protein synthesis) along with ribosomes.
The metaphor strategy has been a part of my unit plan for the last few years. As an assessment, students are required to provide a direct analogy, (Laureate, n.d.), of how the cell is compared to something in their life (event, sports, place, thing, etc.). My intention is for my students to connect what they already know to this new concept in order to commit it to memory.
In class we begin by going over the structure and functions of cell organelles. We draw them out on own and color and label diagrams to become familiar with the parts of the cell. Then, a couple of days into the lesson, I show pictures of various objects and ask how they are like a part of the cell. I also have a story about a city that makes widgets. Students read through the story and identify which organelle would be that city part.
Finally, students are asked to…

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