Bioluminescence And The Exploration Of The Deep Sea

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Bioluminescence and the Exploration of the Deep Sea Bioluminescence is a topic most people do not know about. When asked what bioluminescence is, that person probably could not answer the question. It is actually the chemical process that certain organisms are able to use in order to synthesize and emit light, but most people just identify these organisms as glowing animals, glowing plants, and glowing organisms. Most people have seen these glowing animals in action under the sea, considering that most organisms that use bioluminescence live in the depths of the sea. Today, it seems normal and typical for an animal in the deep sea to glow, but thousands of years ago, it was all but a mystery. The idea that natural light could be emitted from a living organism fascinated those throughout the field of science. When it was first discovered, bioluminescence impacted the way people thought and it caused them to start to create things that were unimaginable. The exploration and encounter with bioluminescence impacted the way chemical reactions are studied, changed the way people interact with the natural world, and it guided scientists to new and improved innovations. Bioluminescence was briefly discovered in different areas around the world and people have known about it for thousands of years, but the studies were furthered in the 19th century ( Though it is known that most creatures that emit bioluminescent light inhabit the deep sea, the…

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