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Biomass Abstract: The current use of energy in the United States, especially California, is foreshadowing catastrophe in our environment. Due to high demand of fossil fuels, the air is filled with more pollution every day. In addition to, it can increase the chances of having global warming. Since fossil fuels are generated from raw materials which are easy and cheap users are becoming extremely dependent on them. The main problem with fossil energy is that the supply of fossil fuels is not continuous. However, alternative energy is continual and harmless to the environment. Biomass does not pollute the atmosphere as much as natural gas. One of the most convenient alternative energies that are currently used for minor purposes is…show more content…
Biomass 3 Biomass energy or can be preferred as bioenergy has been used “since people began burning wood to cook food and keep warm” (NREL, Biomass Energy Basics 2007). Though wood is the “largest biomass energy resource today, other sources of biomass can also be used” (NREL, Biomass Energy Basics 2007). These include crops, garbage, landfill gas, and alcohol fuels. For centuries people have been using wood as a source of energy for mainly cooking and heating. “Wood was the main source of energy in the U.S. and the rest of the world until the mid-1800s.” (eia, BIOMASS -- Renewable Energy from Plants and Animals 2007). Thus, biomass continues to be an important source of energy that would somehow prevent us from future disaster. “In the United States wood and waste (bark, sawdust, wood chips, and wood scrap) provide only about 2 percent of the energy we use today. Many manufacturing plants in the wood and paper products industry use wood waste to produce their own steam and electricity.” (eia, BIOMASS -- Renewable Energy from Plants and Animals 2007). Without having to buy much electricity, these companies were able to save money because they did not have to arrange their waste products. The other source of biomass which is garbage, also called municipal solid waste, comes from plant or animal products. “MSW can be a source of energy by

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