Biome Grassland Research Paper

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I will be talking about my biome grasslands. My biome grassland is could be located in Africa, South America, and North America.
My biomes soil has grasses as the dominant vegetation. Trees and large shrubs are absent. Its temperature is “vary more from summer to winter, and the amount of rainfall is less in temperate grasslands than in savannas”. Which means when it winter it’s cold and when it’s summer it’s hot. Grasslands could go up to 100 degrees fahrenheit to -40 degrees fahrenheit. Jaguar.African Wild Dog.Pronghorn.Black-footed Ferret.Plains Bison.Mountain Plover.African Elephant.Sumatran Tiger.Foxtail,ryegrass, buffalo, grass, needlegrass
A grassland ecosystem is the collection of plants, animals and microorganisms that live
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