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Stress-Strain Equipment | Included: | | 1 | Stress-Strain Apparatus | AP-8214A | 1 | Force Sensor | PS-2104 | 1 | Rotary Motion Sensor | PS-2120 | 1 | Calipers | SF-8711 | | Required but Not Included: | | 1 | 850 Universal Interface | UI-5000 | 1 | PASCO Capstone Software | UI-5400 | Introduction The objective of this lab is to find the relationship between tensile stress and strain for various materials. The Stress-Strain Apparatus stretches (and in some cases breaks) a test coupon while it measures the amount of stretch and force experienced by the test coupon. Software is used to generate a plot of stress versus strain, which allows Young's Modulus, the elastic region, the plastic region, the yield point,…show more content…
The displacement registered by the Rotary Motion Sensor will be the combination of the coupon stretching and the rest of the apparatus bending. Regardless of how much the coupon stretches, the deformation of the rest of the apparatus is constant for a given force. After repetitive measurement with the calibration bar it was found that the movement of force sensor is negligible compared to the stretching of the sample, hence the calibration step is not required. Procedure 1. When installing coupons, remove the nuts and the clamp and place it at secure place, it is not needed for composite material testing. The coupon should be slid completely over the coupon holding screws on each end. Figure 3: Clamping a Coupon Figure 3: Clamping a Coupon Figure 2: Washer Arrangements Figure 2: Washer Arrangements 2. Pre-loading Coupons: This is the procedure you will follow each time you test a coupon. You must pre-load the coupon so the initial slack is taken up and the force sensor is zeroed at position zero. a. In PASCO Capstone, setup continuous mode measurement with recording condition of start and stop when force is greater than 1 and greater than 45 N, respectively (figure 4). 45 45 1 1 Figure 4: Setting up recoding conditions b. In PASCO Capstone, set up a Digits display of the Actual Force. You can setup graphs and table for data recording and display on the screen. Select the time and force to be displayed on the
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